Lightweight Triangle Mastectomy Breast Form #385

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  • #385 Lightweight Semi-Full Triangle Mastectomy Breast Form
  • This form has been designed to fit women who have had more modified breast surgery and need less fill on the sides.
  • The form style is a symmetrical triangle that will fit on either side of the body and has a longer upper wing.
  • Made of very soft lightweight whipped silicone that is 20-25 percent lighter in weight than standard silicone and covered in a new matte finish film.
  • The front profile has a lower nipple apex that simulates the look of a draping natural breast and the slightly concave back allows the form to blend with the chest wall without collapsing.
  • The tapered top wing blends with the upper breast area for a smooth uninterrupted line. 
  • Made in the U.S.A.