True Enhancements Partial Foam Pushup Enhancers

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TRUE ENHANCEMENTS Partial Foam Pushup Pads

When just a little bit more makes a big difference in how you look and feel.

An important accessory that enhances you and your wardrobe.

TRUE ENHANCEMENTS Partial Foam Pushup Pads come in 3 sizes that are designed to add to your figure to make a difference in whatever you wear.  We know that you will love the natural feel, softness, and look of these great enhancers.

 Easy to fit.

  • Slips easily into each bra cup from the top.
  • Lighter than silicone, made of foam.
  • Choose the direction that works best for you.
  • Perfect for the beach or pool!
  • Each size adds one to two full cup sizes.

Available in Sizes 2 & 3.

Made in the U.S.A.